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If you want to travel to a country that has an old culture, virgin nature, historical places, unique wildlife and friendly people, then Iran is a perfect choice. But finding a great tour operator is important as well.
Roverlands, a very professional travel service provider is what you need. With having an expert and trained team, equipped 4WDs allocated to you since the very beginning, and a very organized plan, Roverlands is willing to dedicate you a pleasant trip. We have packages of safari, skiing, camping, desert trekking, mountaineering etc with organized plans to provide you the best places and routes. Our tours are held as private and semi-private in the range of economic, premium and luxury.
Iran is a land of stunning landscapes, endless skies, barren deserts, rugged mountains and spectacular wildlife. Iran desert tours and desert safari explores some of the most remote areas of this fascinating land — areas rarely explored by others, making this a true journey of discovery. From the dunes of Lut desert to the dramatic Kalouts of the Shahdad. This Iran desert safari and desert trekking is led by highly skilled and qualified guides with an incredible passion for the natural regions in which they work and a vast knowledge of the natural world, history and culture of Iran. Sharing the adventure and guiding you on this journey of discovery is both a profession and a personal hobby. Explore the beauty of the Iran desert and its secrets within. Get a taste of the distinctive Iranian traditions and culture and enrich your knowledge and experiences in life with our Iran desert trekking. Join us for our next trip in Iran desert tours.
Beyond Isfahan and Shiraz, the variety of Iran's nature and culture give our country the potential to be a destination for different types of visitors. From the vast mega dunes of Lut Desert to the Hyrcanian Jungles by the Caspian Sea in the Alborz mountain range, different nomad in central iran , all offer routes for new kinds of journeys for our international guests.
On our Iran All in One Expedition tours, we focus our visits on cultural , historical and adventurous features of less known places and explore their meanings and present use by local communities. In bigger cities, we visit speci?c sites off the beaten track. Instead of staying in 5 star hotel towers, we recommend the best boutique hotels and heritage houses in town for a taste of traditional Iranian hospitality. Roverlands offers unique experience in all deserts of Iran. For our Iran expeditions tours, with fully equipped 4×4 vehicles and accommodation options ranging from traditional heritage houses and historical caravanserais to camping in spectacular locations, we tailor our trips to the different interests and time budgets of our guests. Join Iran expeditions
Our routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances may arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.
This is a unique two-week journey taking in the very best of Georgia, Armenia and Iran. This combination gives the opportunity to explore three distinctly different cultures with their own religions, authentic traditions and ancient history. Georgia boasts untouched nature, the Caucasus Mountains, hundreds of monasteries and a long history of wine making. Armenia is home to ancient churches and has a proud cultural identity, while Iran offers an exotic taste of Persia with stunning mosques, teahouses, bazaars, deserts and oases.
This small group guided tour is mainly focused on religious history, with many visits to churches, monasteries and mosques. You’ll also visit ancient gardens, Persian palaces and bazaars in Iran, a winery and a cognac factory in Armenia and the famous sulphur baths in Tbilisi.
Explore countries that were the birthplace of ancient civilizations that have shaped the world we live in today! During this tour, explore the majestic history of these countries via exposure to their unique cultures, art, architecture, and science. Don’t miss your chance to visit the beautiful and historically rich countries of Iran, Armenia and Georgia.
This 15 days/14 nights Georgia, Armenia & Iran Tour showcases you all the glories of these 3 amazing countries – from the legendary UNESCO World Heritage Sites, spectacular natural beauty, mountain monasteries, ancient trade route caravanserais and unique cuisines, to the hidden gems of local lives. They are the iconic witnesses of time long past, this is where Europe and the Middle East meet with Central Asia. Follow in pilgrims’ footsteps and explore the history, spirit and the diversity of this incredible region.
Nomads (Kooch Neshinan) in Iran are a group of people who travel and move from one place to another along with their tribe, family and all their belongings. Kooch Neshini (Nomadism) is the tribal lifestyle and their economy is based on herding. Shifting from one place to another and moving as a large group are the most important aspects of Nomadic life. Nomads move to Yeylagh (cooler countryside) in summer and back to Gheshlagh (warmer areas) in winter throughout their yearly and shift with the seasons Iran’s Nomadic tour is an opportunity to visit this great attraction that is still present in the 21st century
Iran, the best skiing destination of Middle East
Make it memorable! The holiday you have always dreamt of.
Iran is the one of the best and the most popular skiing destinations in the Middle East. Since it is endowed with many high and mountainous areas suitable for skiers with long-enduring cold weather, snowy seasons, and powdery snow, Iran is welcomed by both local and foreign skiers.
One of the high mountain ranges of Iran is called Alborz. This mountain range, located near Tehran, has got many popular skiing resorts such as Dizin (the most popular and the biggest), Shemshak, and Darbandsar which are the most accessible and with the best equipment for skiers. Pooladkaf, Toochal, and Sepidan (in the south near Shiraz) are other famous ski resorts of Iran.
Iran Dizin Ski Resort The best ski resort in Iran is Dizin Ski Resort which is located in the center of capital, north of Tehran in the Alborz Mountain Range. Dizin is one of the 40 highest ski resorts across the whole globe. Its highest ski lift is 3600 meters. Its base is higher than the peak of many Alpine resorts. You can go to the altitude of 3700 meters above the sea level by taking its lifts. Dizin has the best powdery snow for skiing in the world. Due to its high quality snow, Dizin is welcomed and accepted by snowboarders. It should be taken into consideration that Dizin has runs for any type of skier from beginners to professionals, but it is more suitable for the more experienced ones. Here are some pieces of information about Iran Dizin Ski Resort.
Dizin Hotels and Cottages Dizin International Ski Resort offers affordable and convenient accommodation consisting of 2 hotels, 19 cottages and 5 restaurants, private apartments and villas near the resort which yearly host thousands of people.
Gajareh Hotel It is placed around 2 km from Dizin Ski Resort. There is a higher chance of finding vacancies on weekends in this hotel; it has four buildings with special services, a restaurant and amenities such as a free shuttle bus to the mountain slope.
Dizin Skiing Equipment You can rent any skiing facilities that you need to ski with, so you do not need to bring anything. Our ski school uses internationally popular and modern methods to make your ski learning more pleasant. These are among the facilities you can get there: ski wear, ski and snowboard, mono board, alpine ski, cross country skis and accessories. Kids ski teachers are also available. Three tele-cabins, two ski lifts, seven tele- skis and one Hammer tele-ski are also available here.
Food and Drink In Dizin you can find 2 restaurants; the first one is at the top of Chalet gondola 3,000 meters above sea level and the second one is Chaman restaurant located at the top of Chaman chair lift and you can have food and beverages here.
Best Travel Time The ski season lasts longer than even European ski resorts (from the middle of November to the middle of May) due to its high altitude. It has also an important grass ski in the summer, so you are not limited to winter season or enjoying skiing. The first international grass ski tournament was held here by the International Ski Federation with some leading countries in skiing taking part in the competition in 1996.
This trip opens a window to the infinite sky of one of the most ancient civilization on our planet. The night sky in deserts of Iran is so vivid and starry that draws many travelers and astronomers for stargazing and astronomy tours especially during spring and summer. Iran has a great potential in the field of astronomy.
Having lots of deserts and also other places like Stars valley in Qeshm island and the Alamut Valley in the Alborz Mountains are good enough to attract any tourists to our country. A meteor's streak and the arc of the Milky Way hang over the mountain fortress of Alamut. Alamut Castle was built into the rock in during the ninth century. Stars Valley is a natural consequence of wind erosion and rainstorm washing out from the Cenozoic period (2 million years ago) up to now.
If you are interested in astronomy and stargazing, you should know that every year many events related to the stars happen in Iran and many astronomers come here to observe them. We consider your interest and provide you professional instruments and 4WDs to bring you satisfaction and happiness. Just join our astronomy tour.
If you are interested in the wonders and beauties of underground, then you should add cave visiting to your itinerary to Iran. Iran has more than 300 caves with different structures. Ali Sadr Cave (Hamadan), Namakdan Salt Cave and Kharbas Cave (Qeshm), Katalehkhour Cave (Garmab) , Ghoori Ghaleh Cave (Paveh) , Shahpour Cave (Kazerun) and Tadvan Cave (Fars Province) are just a few of them.
Ali sadr, a 70 million- old cave, is the world's largest water cave which attracts thousands of visitors every year. The longest salt cave is in Qeshm island.There is a sault hill in this island and Namakdan with 6400m length is the longest salt cave of this dome and in the world. Iran is well-catered for the ones who like the mysterious natural wonders underground. With having the potential, Iran is a good choice for both professional and amateur tourists who are a fan of caves. Needless to say that we have a team of professional guides equipped with excellent gears for the ones who want to do caving skillfully.
On our tour, we will pay a visit to these dark, humid and silent places. All you need is to join us…
Traveling to Iran means the possibility of watching more than 527 species of birds that 50 of them are endangered and barely can reach in any other middle -eastern country. Here you can see the Plesk's Ground Jay (the only true native species) and also near-native species such as the Red-tailed wheatear and the Sind-Pied woodpecker.
Iran has 105 important bird areas (IBA's) in the list of Bird Life International community. Hundred lakes and wetlands, high 4000m mountainous habitats, steppe like and sandy dunes deserts, unique Hyrcanian forest and vast semi-tropical mangrove forests make a good opportunity for the ones who are interested in bird watching. Just join us to provide you visiting both protected areas and wildlife refuges which are located in important birding areas in our country.
Traveling to Iran means the possibility of watching more than 527 species of birds that 50 of them are endangered and barely can reach in any other middle -eastern country.
Also every year many events related to the stars happen in Iran and many astronomers come here to observe them. We consider your interest and provide you professional instruments and 4WDs to bring you satisfaction and happiness.
If you are looking for some adventure, join our rafting and canoeing tour. There are a lot of rivers in Iran like Armand, Sepidroud-Gilan, Haraz-Mazandaran, Sezar-Lorestan, Sirvan-Kordestan, Zab-West-Azerbaijan, Raghaz-Fars and so on that give you the opportunity for having fun and experiencing something exciting.
In our canoeing tour, you will experience the excitement of being in a place that has both nature and history together. Enjoying the glory of old Persia while canoeing in the roaring rivers is something that you can only have in Raghaz Canyon in Fars province of Iran. There are about sixty waterfalls in this valley with different heights. Among these waterfalls, Veda is the highest one with having 24 meter high.
Every year many domestic and foreign tourists come to enjoy and have a great time full of joy and happiness. Our rafting trip is carefully geared to meet your level of experience and sense of adventure which are generally suitable for adventurous individuals, intermediates or aggressive beginners looking for a challenge. Canoeing by rappelling down huge waterfalls, jumping into pools, tracing river along the canyon, and descending the canyon walls and river boulders are inviting you to Iran. Just join us.
Islandia En Moto Offroad ( Enduro , Maxi )
Islandia En Moto :
Un gran destino para los soñadores, ¡es la isla de aventura por excelencia!

Su forma irregular, los desiertos, los glaciares, los obstáculos naturales que caracterizan los caminos, lo hacen siempre fascinante y misterioso.

Sus fuertes contrastes causados ​​principalmente por el calor de la tierra en constante lucha con las heladas de los glaciares ofrecen escenarios increíbles y únicos. La pureza del aire, la limpieza de los ríos, la calma de las aguas termales y la grandeza de los fenómenos geológicos, ofrecen un espectáculo continuo y constante donde es posible, en cualquier momento, "vivir" la lucha constante que opone a los grandes. Fuerzas de la naturaleza, llenando de energía nuestros cuerpos y mentes.

La isla emergió con la acción volcánica del océano sin vida, que pronto se convirtió en el territorio de muchas especies animales y vegetales y en el lugar de anidación de más de doscientas especies de aves.

Los volcanes, que aún dominan la isla, están en constante combate con los glaciares.

Las emociones fuertes e intensas que acompañarán nuestro viaje nos harán reflexionar sobre el hecho de que en cada momento y en cada lugar, el planeta en el que vivimos no es en absoluto una "esfera" inanimada y estática, sino un organismo lleno de vida y en continua evolución.


DURACIÓN: moto de Hirtshals 26 días y 25 noches con regreso el 20 de julio en Hirtshals



50% caminos de tierra
25% de senderos mixtos con piedra suelta y arena.
10% camino pedregoso con vados
15% de asfalto

Moto enduro: fácil
Monocilíndrico: medio / difícil
Bicilindrici: dificil
... para todos ... aún así es un viaje en el que tienes que estar "motivado" porque la ruta planificada en el interior, en áreas silvestres, con decenas de Ford ...
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1650 €
1650 €
El rally de motos más extremo de Europa.

Recorrido desafiante diseñado y diseñado por motociclistas para motociclistas.

Este es definitivamente uno de los destinos de carreras de autos más importantes y más antiguos de Europa que no debes perderte.

El ELEFANTENTREFFEN comenzó en 1956 y tomó este curioso nombre del apodo de la motocicleta Zundapp-KS-601-Gespanne, llamada "elefanten". Desde 1988, el rally de motocicletas se lleva a cabo en un valle remoto cerca de Passau en Thurmansbang Solla . En el "Hexenkessel" (la "cuenca de la bruja" o simplemente el "agujero" de Loh ) no hay diferencias entre nacionalidades, profesiones, edad o motocicletas. El espectáculo está garantizado, la compañía es "excelente", la fauna es muy variada y se pueden ver cosas increíbles y curiosas.

¡El encanto de este valle de los lobos ayuda a darle a todo un ambiente surrealista y mágico!

Con este espíritu organizamos el evento tratando de involucrar a los motociclistas que, a pesar de tener el deseo de probar suerte en las dificultades del momento, nunca lo han hecho por una serie de razones.
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329 €
329 €
Argelia (Maxi) Enduro Tour - TASSILI
Una de las propuestas más hermosas para los amantes del enduro más puro, en un itinerario ideal para visitar y conocer nuestro pasado más remoto, que quedará grabado en la memoria y el espíritu como una experiencia de vida increíble.

El viaje Argelia en Moto Enduro para motocicletas comienza desde Djanet , llamado "la perla del Tassili" , al cual llegaremos con un vuelo desde Italia.

Seguiremos los valles más hermosos del Tadrart , una de las áreas más hermosas de nuestro querido Sahara, una continuación natural del Acaco de Libia.

Tocaremos los puntos más mágicos de Ali Demna a Tin Merzouga , a través de una ruta desconocida, ¡donde a menudo encontraremos solo nuestros rastros de viajes anteriores!

Disfrutaremos de pinturas, esculturas rupestres, arcos naturales. ¡Nuestro pasado más remoto al toque de la mano!

¡Y naturalmente no nos perderemos las fantásticas dunas del Erg Admer !

¡Todo bajo la cuidadosa dirección y organización de un operador turístico que ha hecho la historia de los viajes en los desiertos!
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2250 €
2250 €
Túnez Moto / Enduro Tour 2019 - 1000 DUNE
Un viaje Túnez En Moto de aventura en motocicletas de enduro a las puertas del Sahara, para descubrir el desierto, con sus mágicas noches estrelladas y sus seductoras dunas.

Una aventura llena de diversión y paisajes encantadores, que nos hará retroceder en el tiempo para disfrutar del ambiente mágico de las grandes expediciones saharianas.

Seguiremos las antiguas pistas de caravanas hasta llegar a nuestras amadas dunas, incluida la zona de Ksar Ghilane, Tembaine y Ain Ouadette.

Después de aterrizar en el puerto de Túnez , haremos un breve traslado en dirección a Hammamet, donde pasaremos la noche en un hotel de 4 estrellas.

Despierte temprano y comience a dirigirse hacia el sur por pistas desconocidas para ver un Túnez algo inusual, hasta que llegue a nuestro verdadero punto de partida: el Oasis de Ksar Ghilane .

Desde aquí, una inmersión total de arena que cruza una de las zonas más fascinantes del desierto tunecino, hasta llegar al lago de Ain Ouadette, donde podemos tomar un refrescante baño en el agua caliente.
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1100 €
1100 €
Marruecos (maxi) Enduro Tour - MOTO Viaje ( DAKHLA)
Esta viaje marruecos Moto 2019 se encuentra en los desiertos del sur, a lo largo de las pistas que hizo famoso el Dakar, en un nuevo camino pero probado en varios envíos, ¡algo inusual para todos los "otros"!

viaje marruecos Moto 2019 especialmente adecuados para "Endura" y maxi, si son realizados por pilotos experimentados.
No habrá hoteles ... ¡no habrá ninguna comodidad "tradicional" particular!
También habrá la posibilidad de que algunos envíen la bicicleta con un carro de la organización, y nos alcancen por aire directamente en Marruecos, ahorrando los días de transferencia en el camino y la vuelta. Para lugares limitados, algunos motociclistas también pueden viajar como pasajeros en los vehículos de la organización para el traslado y hacer el viaje completo en barco.

Habrá miles de kilómetros fuera de la carretera, a menudo fuera de pista, con escenarios fantásticos poco convencionales, donde hay un sinfín de rocas negras, altas dunas en el océano, grandes explanadas de hammared y antiguas pistas de caravanas.
Regresaremos a Dakhla, quedando casi siempre "a la vista del océano" en las suaves pendientes arenosas que suben y bajan de los altos acantilados que vienen a trasladar las olas del Atlántico.
Veremos unos pocos metros, a menudo podemos tocarlos, docenas de impresionantes naufragios de barcos varados en las playas ... cruzaremos los "restos" de campos de refugiados en el Sahara completo ... nos daremos cuenta del estado de Aldeas de pescadores que dan la idea de lo que podría ser un "círculo infernal de Dantesco" ...

Si desea realizar un viaje "real", puede ponerse a prueba, siempre con total seguridad y con la ayuda de nuestros medios ... ¡este es su "viaje"!
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1580 €
1580 €